1821 - 2021

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  • Forever Gonzaga: The Bicentennial Campaign

    For two centuries, Gonzaga has been committed to our Jesuit mission of forming young men of competence, conscience, and character eager to engage the world they encounter. With the Forever Gonzaga Bicentennial Campaign, we are committed to honoring that proud legacy, growing upon the solid foundation our school has built, and addressing the needs of tomorrow.

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    With a focus on endowment as well as critical capital improvements, the Forever Gonzaga Bicentennial Campaign will ensure that Gonzaga remains true to its Jesuit mission as we look ahead to the next 200 years. We hope you are inspired by the priorities and goals of the bicentennial campaign and will consider offering your support. In the words of our President, Rev. Joseph E. Lingan ’75: “Gonzaga is more than a high school. When you can help a young man discover his gifts and talents and -- in a relationship with God -- discern a direction of where to go with that, you’re giving him more than an education. You’re giving him a passion and a purpose. That’s what the Forever Gonzaga campaign is all about."

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