Campaign Priorites


The Hail Gonzaga Athletic Initiative will generate support for our athletic department and teams, while also providing capital that will allow Gonzaga to update athletic facilities on campus.

Why are Athletics a campaign priority?

Whether as fans or players, all Gonzaga students are part of an athletic tradition that dates back over a century. But given our urban location and the changing real estate landscape of metropolitan Washington, Gonzaga’s access to safe, nearby, adequate athletic facilities is limited. Many of our teams are dependent upon fields and venues off campus, while those on campus are in constant use by our student athletes.  

Why a goal of $10 million?

Gifts in support of the Athletics Initiative will modernize underutilized parts of campus, transforming them into state-of-the-art athletic space. Gonzaga also intends to secure space adjacent to campus for expanded athletic space, allowing us to meet the increased demand for sports at the school as well as to improve our approach to and offerings in physical education.

A centerpiece of our athletic initiative is a major overhaul of the “Old Gym” in the basement of Dooley Hall, converting it into a new Athletic Performance Center that will provide expanded space for strength and conditioning, co-located with additional space for athletic training and rehabilitation, fitness education, and athletic staff offices.  In order to make this renovation and repurposing of the Old Gym possible, Gonzaga recently secured space on the ground floor of 800 North Capitol -– immediately adjacent to Buchanan Field -- via a long-term leaseback arrangement. In that space, we are creating a locker room for field sports (replacing the old locker room adjacent to the Old Gym) and meeting spaces for teams and coaches.  In addition, space in the basement of Kohlmann Hall is being renovated to provide a dedicated rowing training center for our crew teams.

Support for the Hail Gonzaga Athletic Initiative will allow us to bring these projects to fruition, while also creating an endowed athletic fund that will provide a dedicated stream of revenue in support of Gonzaga teams, initiatives, and expansion opportunities for years to come. 

What are the benefits of the Hail Gonzaga Athletics Initiative?

  • The ability to pursue and acquire (through purchase, ground lease, transfer, or other means) a site for dedicated athletic facilities;  
  • The creation of long-term strategic partnerships with other organizations that provide Gonzaga teams with access to athletic venues; 
  • Endowed funds that will create a permanent and growing source of support for our athletic department and specific teams, helping to offset costs such as coaching, transportation, and equipment.

Naming Opportunities

Athletic Performance Center
  • Turf Floor: $250,000
  • Coaches Offices (2): $100,000 each
  • Weigh Racks: $25,000 each
Student Locker Room
  • Team Meeting Room: $500,000
  • Lockers: $10,000 each
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