Campaign Priorites

Science, Technology, and Digital Media

The Science, Technology, and Digital Media Initiative will allow Gonzaga to expand facilities and course offerings in science, pre-engineering, communication, and digital media and production. With these enhancements, Gonzaga will promote a high degree of scientific and technological literacy in our students, and ensure that these skills integrate with and build upon our offerings in the traditional liberal arts.

Why are science and digital media a campaign priority?

Technology and new media have transformed how we live, permanently altering the way our students process information, learn, and engage the world around them. This new reality demands that a liberal arts education incorporates more exposure to STEM-related fields. While maintaining all of our traditional subjects, Gonzaga’s curriculum must be expanded to prepare students to think critically about the role of science, technology, and digital media in contemporary culture. 

Why a goal of $7.5 million?

As part of this initiative, Gonzaga will add a Maker Space on the ground floor of Ruesch-Cantwell Hall and two new science labs nearby on the ground floor of Cantwell. In addition, the first floor of Kohlmann Hall will be renovated to include a broadcast and live streaming studio. Combined with the writing center and English Department on the second floor, Kohlmann Hall will become an on-campus hub not only for the English department but for journalism, digital media, and communications.

Curricular and staffing enhancements will accompany these capital improvements and ensure that Gonzaga has the resources to support every young man's interests. We will add new courses and faculty members in the hard sciences, digital citizenship, and educational technology. The $7.5 million we intend to raise will be a combination of capital-focused gifts to support the creation of new space, as well as endowed funds to help permanently support new faculty positions.

What are the benefits of this initiative?

  • Two new laboratories for the hard sciences will support the expansion of our science curriculum, including in physics and physical science, ensuring that every Gonzaga student takes a minimum of four full years of hard sciences;
  • A Digital Media Studio, including enhanced space for video production, livestreaming, and podcasting;
  • A Maker Space where students will develop pre-engineering skills and complement classroom lessons with concrete experiences in design and fabrication.

Naming Opportunities

  • Maker Space: $1,000,000
  • Two Science Labs: $500,000 each
  • IT Department Office: $250,000
  • Collaboration Center: $250,000
  • Live Streaming Studio: $250,000

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