Bicentennial Capital Improvements

Gonzaga is thrilled that the Forever Gonzaga Campaign is making possible numerous campus improvements that enhance the Gonzaga experience for students both inside and outside the classroom.  Plans are well underway for a variety of capital projects that touch upon science and technology, athletics, and more -- but which all depend upon the generosity of the Gonzaga community to bring to fruition.  Learn more about imminent and planned capital improvements to Gonzaga's campus below, and to see more renderings of these projects, please click here.
Science Labs
In the summer of 2021, Gonzaga converted space on the ground floor of Ruesch Cantwell in two new, state-of-the-art physics labs.  These new spaces have allowed Gonzaga to expand course offerings and add faculty in the hard sciences to ensure that all students receive a robust education in the sciences during their time on Eye Street.  While lead gifts to the Bicentennial campaign supported the build out of these spaces, naming opportunities remain for those interested in supporting the sciences at Gonzaga.
Maker Space and Tech Commons
Over the course of the summer of 2021, Gonzaga relocated our IT department and server room in Ruesch Cantwell, in preparation of creating a dedicated "Maker Space" on the ground floor of Ruesch Cantwell.  While Gonzaga has had a maker space for several years -- allowing for students to gain experience with 3D printing, laser cutting, robotics, computer-animated design, coding, and other aspects of fabrication and engineering -- our existing Maker Space has been makeshift and temporary, created out of student demand more than strategic planning. The new Maker Space will allow for more formal instruction in these areas; include new equipment like cnc machines, soldering / circuitry tables, and other machines; and serve as a hub for cross-curricular student collaboration in STEM-related areas. The preliminary planning and relocation work to prepare this space for the eventual Maker Space has been completed thanks to initial generous support to the Forever Gonzaga Campaign -- but additional support is needed to bring this vision to reality. 
Field Sports Locker Room and Team Meeting Space 
As every Gonzaga alumnus knows, Gonzaga's athletic space is limited. While that has never kept our athletics program from thriving, solutions were needed that better met the demands of our coaches and student-athletes. An integral component of our athletic space planning has been the build-out of a new athletic annex immediately adjacent to Buchanan Field in the building at 800 North Capitol Street.  Space on the ground floor of that building has been secured by Gonzaga via a long term lease, and it has been converted into a new team locker room facility for field sports (rugby, soccer, football, and lacrosse). Complete with a generous new locker-room, full bathroom and shower facilities, and hi-tech meeting space for team/coaches meetings, it will serve our students well for the next generation of Gonzaga athletes. Made possible through a lead bicentennial campaign gift from a longstanding Gonzaga family, numerous naming opportunities remain within this new facility for Forever Gonzaga campaign gifts of all sizes.
Old Gym Renovation
The new athletic space in 800 North Capitol Street makes possible the re-envisioning of the basement of Dooley -- home to the old locker room, existing athletic training room, and the legendary "Old Gym."  Plans are fully developed to convert these spaces into a new athletic performance center which integrates both improved space for strength and conditioning as well as expanded space for athletic training.  

With the wrestling program slated to move to the existing weight room in the Carmody auxiliary gym, a new, state of the art strength and conditioning center will occupy the floor of the old gym -- which is currently being opened up and expanded as an initial phase of this project.  The infamous old locker room near the Old Gym is being expanded and converted into a significantly enhanced athletic training room.  The location of these spaces will physically integrate athletic training with strength and conditioning in a central location adjacent to Buchanan Field, allowing us to better serve all of our students -- whether they are new to physical conditioning or varsity athletes.  While lead gifts have been generously given in support of this renovation, more support is needed to bring it to reality.
Rowing Room
The Gonzaga Crew team, now in its 25th year, has grown to become one of the largest sports at Gonzaga and a perennial local and national rowing powerhouse. Space in the basement of Kohlmann Hall has been converted, retaining the historic character of the building while giving the crew team new dedicated space for erg workouts, team meetings, and student lockers. The lead naming opportunity for this space remains available for those interested in supporting the Gonzaga rowing program.
Live-streaming Studio and Campus-wide Infrastructure

Gonzaga students are increasingly passionate about video production, live-streaming, podcasting and other new-era communications skills.  In addition, especially in the wake of the pandemic, Gonzaga's desire to be able to livestream high quality events from 19 Eye Street to the Gonzaga community has only grown.  In response to both, Gonzaga has undertaken an ambitious project to enhance our ability to livestream from across all areas on campus -- St. Aloysius Church, Buchanan Field, the Sheehy Theater, etc.  All hubbed and controlled from a new production studio in Kohlmann Hall, this campus infrastructure project includes professional-grade video cameras, editing, production and live-streaming equipment -- and it's all built with student use in mind.    

While the build-out of the studio and initial infrastructure on campus was funded with an initial generous Forever Gonzaga gift, additional support is needed to complete the campus-wide buildout, as well as support the ongoing use of this new technology by classes and clubs.
Click here to see more renderings of all of the projects mentioned on this page.